Buffy The Superhero

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Buffy I love you Buffy.  Buffy is a super hero and she loves me. I’m her big sister.

Buffy’s super power is flying! Buffy flies home because somebody might need rescuing. Mummy needs rescuing from the Big Bad Wolf! He’s trying to eat you!

The Big Bad Wolf goes away because Buffy made him.

I did jumping and I looked out for the Big Bad Wolf at night time and then he came to get me but Super Hero Buffy came to rescue me and I became a big sister Superhero! And we were Sister Superheroes! And then me and Buffy flew to the rescue and then we flew back to a cave.

But then there was a call and we went to the rescue and we saw Mummy and she needed help! From the bad super hero! His name was JOTER! Joter did it! So me and Buffy flew to the rescue and then we went back to our cave to see who was there.  It was Joter!  So we runned back outside and then he made himself into a flying Joter! So we flew really fast as fast as we can!  And then we didn’t know which way to go and then went to Ponyville!

We were safe in Ponyville.  So we stayed there.  Any if anybody needs rescuing we flew them to Ponyville.

And then me and Buff went back to Ponyville and made a blocker so Joter couldn’t get in.  And then we made an even bigger blocker so Joter really couldn’t get in. But we made a door but we locked the door to keep our hideout safe so he couldn’t get in.

Then Joter got really big! And we got really tiny! And he was one hundred big! But we were safe under the chair where he couldn’t see us.

And we made a friend and we went out the door and we saw Rainbow Dash! And we flew but then we saw something and we didn’t know what it was and we went back to our hideout and hid down again. It was Miss Bad Wolf! She was only teeny like a baby.

J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series

From J.J. Barnes @ Rose And Mum And More






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