Camp Everfree

*Rose will start the typing*


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*Me again*


Twilight had a nightmare.  She didn’t know what was happening.  Why did she make something happen with your magic?


She’s sitting at the table with her breakfast and she met Rose!  Rainbow Dash finded Twilight and made Twilight find Rainbow Dash.


Rainbow Dash went to take a little picture and then everyone was so excited to meet Rainbow Dash!  She played with all her toys like the music, the ponies, the blankets, and everything else!  Then she had some of her juice and put her chair in her juice.  The chair got all soggy so she had to put it in the washing machine.


Zeke came to see Rainbow Dash.


Then Rarity came.  She always wants to see her friend Rainbow Dash.


Then Buffy came to get her rattle and eat a book.  The book got all soggy and had to go in the washing machine too!


The End


J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series

From J.J. Barnes @ Rose And Mum And More

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