Paw Patrol And The Whale

*Rose is typing first*


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*Me again*


The whale went in the oil.  Paw Patrol gave him fish. The whale ate fish.  The whale wants his mummy. We need to make something for the baby whale. He has to eat flowers. And he needs a blanket to snuggle up. And a car that it can drive in.


He really wants to have a BBQ. He ate fish for the BBQ, not us. And the BBQ can talk. And it says that all of the BBQs have cupcakes on it so we put cupcakes on it. Then all of the cupcakes jumped off it and the BBQ has to catch them!


Then the little baby whale went home and ate some tea.  Then they all went to bed.  He ate cheese strings in bed then it had water.  It drank my water too.  Then it said “Stop doing that!” then the My Little Pony had spotty spotty spotty spotty trousers.


The minion had one hundred spots and it pulled the spots and ate all the weeds and the fish on the BBQ.


See you tomorrow.  Bye!  Rose is finished.


J.J. Barnes, Rose's Blod, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series


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