About Rose

Readers of the Rose And Mum And More blog will be wholly familiar with the awesome little human that is Miss Rose.

For everyone else, this is a bit about her.

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Miss Rose was born in the Autumn of 2012.  Her biological father left when she was fourteen months old, and since the age of two she has been raised by her Daddy, the wonderful Jonathan McKinney, and myself, J.J. Barnes.  She is a step sister to Zeke, half sister to Buffy, and mummy to two guinea pigs named Harley Quinn and Super Girl.

Nobody loves life quite like Miss Rose.  She experiences joy like nobody else I have ever met.  If fun is to be had she finds it, if food is to be tasted she’s eating it, if music is to be heard she’s dancing.  She is enthusiastic about everything and everyone, and will throw herself into any activity with passion.  This extreme joy brings with it, in turn, plenty of extreme sorrow.  She has experienced real pain, real sadness and real fear.  No emotion to be felt will be felt mildly.  She loves harder than anyone, laughs louder than anyone, but also hurts more than anyone.

Miss Rose’s real loves in life are her family (especially her baby sister Buffy and her Nanny), My Little Ponies (especially Rainbow Dash), and food (especially chick pea curry and butter).  She loves animals, Liverpool FC, super heroes, art, and dancing.  She has recently discovered a love for story telling and, being the story lover I am, I’m carefully nurturing that passion and encouraging her to have an outlet wherever possible.  Whether it’s acting out complex scenarios with her ponies and shopkins, telling tales in the back of the car as we drive to visit her grandmother, or dictating stories for me to write down, this girl is learning the joys of story telling at a young age.

If you want to pass on a message to Miss Rose about her words, please comment on the blogs.  When we look through them and she sees faces and words from people who’ve read what she wrote she is filled with so much joy it brings tears to my eyes.  She has firmly been bitten by the story bug, and having people read her work is making her happier than you can imagine.  So thank you to everyone who has done that for her.

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