About Rose’s Blod

For the past four years I, J.J. Barnes, have written about my daughter Miss Rose (amongst other things) in my blog, Rose And Mum And More.  Today, January 23rd 2017, she asked to start her own, to tell it in her own words.  Well, actually what she said she wanted to do was write about butterflies rescuing people who were trapped in tree from the Big Bad Wolf.  The point, however, was that she wanted to start her own blog in her own words, and that I could make that happen for her.

So, here it is.

Due to Miss Rose’s slight speech impediment she asked to write Rose’s Blod, so that is what it’s called.

Now obviously as she is not some kind of prodigy, just a slightly smarter than average four year old, she cannot man the reigns of this blog herself.  Therefore it will be down to myself to type up whatever it is she feels the world needs to know that day.

I will try to stay as true as possible to what it is she says.  Accepting there will be the additions of punctuation and sometimes I’ll need to try and decipher exactly what it is, this should be a fairly true to life representation of my daughter’s thoughts.  Occasionally I will prompt her with a question as a starting point for her words, but I’ll always be sure to note it as honestly as possible.

So welcome.  Perhaps one day she will take over this work herself and discover a love for words and writing that fuels my life.  Either that or she’ll grow up, tell me I’m totally lame, and she’s off to get drunk and never wants to write a single word in her life again.  Probably one or the other… but hopefully not the latter…

Love to you all,

J.J. Barnes xx


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