The Alicorn Boat









Someone had a little bag with alicorns on it and then they coughed and they found a boat and rowed it back home. But then they got lost! Then they found a little monster called Smiley, and they found a dog from Paw Patrol! It was Skye!

Then they found a little bell on the floor. The ringed it and they phoned Skye. Then they wanted to have a little walk around the place, all around the world. Then they rided on the boat with the little bag with Alicorns on and the boat had an Alicorn sign on top but there was nothing on the boat so someone must have stolen it all!

Then they went downstairs on the boat and it was full of alicorns. Then they found a little pig called Peppa.

And there was a garden inside the boat and it was full of flowers and dogs. The alicorns flew away when they saw the dogs in case the dogs bit the alicorns wings.

There was little spots on a dress and the dress was on the Princess Alicorn who was called Sparkle Fast. They found a big family and they lived at number 96! There was Buffy and Rose and Mummy and Daddy and a Zeke! And there was a Nanny and a Nancy and a Porl! And they all lived together!

The End



Muffin Bake Shop

*Rose is typing first*




Muffins are yummy.  Come to my bake shop every morning because all my food is yummy!  I sell cakes and peas and even the yummiest things ever; they are delicious cakes and sweets!

My bake shop is in town in the middle town.  It’s really big.  It’s called Muffins.  I work there, me, Rose.



Sleepy Buffy

*Rose will start the typing*




*Me again*

When Buffy is sleeping she’s thinking about boobies and eyeballs.  She likes talking boobies.  Boobies talk about mongon.  Like Zeke.

When I sleep I think about rainbow food.  Like cookies.  Biscuits.  Chocolate chips.  And most of all sweets.  Rainbow sweets.

When Zeke sleeps he thinks about mongons and ghosts and nightmares.



Paw Patrol And The Whale

*Rose is typing first*


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*Me again*


The whale went in the oil.  Paw Patrol gave him fish. The whale ate fish.  The whale wants his mummy. We need to make something for the baby whale. He has to eat flowers. And he needs a blanket to snuggle up. And a car that it can drive in.


He really wants to have a BBQ. He ate fish for the BBQ, not us. And the BBQ can talk. And it says that all of the BBQs have cupcakes on it so we put cupcakes on it. Then all of the cupcakes jumped off it and the BBQ has to catch them!


Then the little baby whale went home and ate some tea.  Then they all went to bed.  He ate cheese strings in bed then it had water.  It drank my water too.  Then it said “Stop doing that!” then the My Little Pony had spotty spotty spotty spotty trousers.


The minion had one hundred spots and it pulled the spots and ate all the weeds and the fish on the BBQ.


See you tomorrow.  Bye!  Rose is finished.


J.J. Barnes, Rose's Blod, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series


Camp Everfree

*Rose will start the typing*


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*Me again*


Twilight had a nightmare.  She didn’t know what was happening.  Why did she make something happen with your magic?


She’s sitting at the table with her breakfast and she met Rose!  Rainbow Dash finded Twilight and made Twilight find Rainbow Dash.


Rainbow Dash went to take a little picture and then everyone was so excited to meet Rainbow Dash!  She played with all her toys like the music, the ponies, the blankets, and everything else!  Then she had some of her juice and put her chair in her juice.  The chair got all soggy so she had to put it in the washing machine.


Zeke came to see Rainbow Dash.


Then Rarity came.  She always wants to see her friend Rainbow Dash.


Then Buffy came to get her rattle and eat a book.  The book got all soggy and had to go in the washing machine too!


The End


J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series

From J.J. Barnes @ Rose And Mum And More


*Rose is starting the writing*




*Me again*

Popadoms are my favourite yummy things in the whole wide world. I crunch them and I munch them and I crunch them and I munch them. When a bit pokes out of my mouth I push it back in.

J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series

From J.J. Barnes @ Rose And Mum And More

Rosie And Nanny

*Rose is starting the writing*


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*Me again*


Rosie and Nanny had a sleepover.  We played with toys.  I cuddled my nanny.  I just love my nanny.  I love it.  And then I played with my nanny all day.  We played I Spy With My Little Eye, Hide And Seek, and Why Do You!

We went to sleep at night time.  I feeled good.  I missed my mummy and daddy.

The End


J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series

From J.J. Barnes @ Rose And Mum And More

The Lion’s Dada



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Lion loves all of us coz we’re lovely to him and he loves us. He really wants to go to sleep now. It’s night time.

The lion’s dada was taken away. Dada had to be rescued from somebody else. Peppa Pig had to rescue the lion’s dada! She took a hammer! She smacked the box!  The lion’s dada was in the box.  Then Peppa ate all the sweets.

Rose's Blod, J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More

J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series

From J.J. Barnes @ Rose And Mum And More

Party At The Zoo

*Rose will start the typing*


*Mum again*

The animals went to the party. It was three giraffes party. They were called Rosie, Pinkie and Rarer. It was a celebrating party!

We went! I wore a Rainbow Dash costume. Buffy had a frog suit!

And there were sprinkles! And more sprinkles! And more sprinkles!

J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series

From J.J. Barnes @ Rose And Mum And More

Buffy The Superhero

*Rose will start the typing!*



*Me again*


Buffy I love you Buffy.  Buffy is a super hero and she loves me. I’m her big sister.

Buffy’s super power is flying! Buffy flies home because somebody might need rescuing. Mummy needs rescuing from the Big Bad Wolf! He’s trying to eat you!

The Big Bad Wolf goes away because Buffy made him.

I did jumping and I looked out for the Big Bad Wolf at night time and then he came to get me but Super Hero Buffy came to rescue me and I became a big sister Superhero! And we were Sister Superheroes! And then me and Buffy flew to the rescue and then we flew back to a cave.

But then there was a call and we went to the rescue and we saw Mummy and she needed help! From the bad super hero! His name was JOTER! Joter did it! So me and Buffy flew to the rescue and then we went back to our cave to see who was there.  It was Joter!  So we runned back outside and then he made himself into a flying Joter! So we flew really fast as fast as we can!  And then we didn’t know which way to go and then went to Ponyville!

We were safe in Ponyville.  So we stayed there.  Any if anybody needs rescuing we flew them to Ponyville.

And then me and Buff went back to Ponyville and made a blocker so Joter couldn’t get in.  And then we made an even bigger blocker so Joter really couldn’t get in. But we made a door but we locked the door to keep our hideout safe so he couldn’t get in.

Then Joter got really big! And we got really tiny! And he was one hundred big! But we were safe under the chair where he couldn’t see us.

And we made a friend and we went out the door and we saw Rainbow Dash! And we flew but then we saw something and we didn’t know what it was and we went back to our hideout and hid down again. It was Miss Bad Wolf! She was only teeny like a baby.

J.J. Barnes, Rose And Mum And More, The Lilly Prospero Series

From J.J. Barnes @ Rose And Mum And More